New comedy group

I recently found a comedy group, much like College Humour, called take180com, although i've seen only a series made by them, entitled "Auditions"(see video below) they seem to be pretty hilarious. Anyway i just wanted to share this with you guys and to let you guys now, that a giveaway is coming soon.

La Roux for Harry Potter

Funniest MW2 Commentary ever!

, co Three weeks there was a features video on youtube called "AC130 Nuke with Guest Commentary by The Lone N00b" that video turned out to be the funniest MW2 commentary i think there is out there, if you missed it here you go, I'm also presenting pt.2.

 Part I

Part II


There are a ton of montages of COD on youtube, but this is the best i've seen in months, also if anybody can tell me what that song, i'll really appreciate...

Warthog Commercial

I don't want you guys we sold out yet, and we are going to commercial but you seriously got to buy the HALO WARTHOG.

Married with Children

 I was feeling Nostalgic today, when i found out this old video with Married with Children, that awesome show i was watching when I was a kid. I found it really awesome and I hope you remember how funny was this show too, e-dwellers.

Starcraft tips

Happy September 23 e-dwellers!
If you are new to Starcraft 2 and want some cool gameplay tips, check out the new video from psystarcraft, one of the greatest starcraft announcers, presenting a few need-to-know tactics in Starcraft.
I can't stress enough how great this tips are for actual online play, but don't trust me, just watch the video!

There is also a part one from 1 month ago but if you didn't see it here you go, the tips are just as important and gamechanging.

World of Warcraft Easter eggs

This video I found while watching the new channel from Machinima, called MachinimaRealm, a channel for rpgs and mmos, pretty much everything besides Modern Warfare so if you lived under a rock and not heard about it, subscribe now, it's pretty awesome.