Blockchains and cryptocurrencies. These two buzzwords together have generated a tremendous amount of hype, promise, caution, and confusion in the technology scene over the past two or three years. Despite the growing excitement surrounding blockchain and its seemingly infinite applications, blockchain is still very much an emerging technology. At this year’s Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum, BUMO announced a blockchain ecosystem that it hopes will allow the blockchain to truly permeate the marketplace and the world, becoming a feasible solution for financial institutions, non-profits, healthcare providers, and individuals alike.

Today’s mainstream blockchain platforms, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are single-chain systems. With the dramatic increase in the number of blockchain users and transactions, the problems of low scalability and low throughput have become increasingly evident. BUMO has developed an innovative blockchain solution that leverages multi-chain technology, hybrid consensus algorithms, cross-chain protocols, and smart contracts. BUMO’s goal is to integrate these technologies to alleviate the current blockchain bottlenecks related to performance, scalability, and application diversity.

Speakers at the 2018 Block Chain Developer’s Summit at SVIEF featured two industry veterans with diverse backgrounds and years of experience in some of China’s leading tech firms. Steven Guo, a co-founder of BUMO, began his study of the blockchain business in 2014. He recently led strategic investments for the 21Vianet Group, one of the largest data center providers in all of China. 21Vianet operates Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and Office 365 services in China and houses data centers for IBM and other tech giants. Steven Guo also participated in the creation of a cloud computing fund for the National Development and Reform Commission.

Co-founder of BUMO, Steven Lee, gained his stripes as one of China’s early internet entrepreneurs and as an early practitioner of the blockchain. His experience includes working for Tencent, PPTV, serving as the COO of Jiayuan.com, and as the founder of Betterwood. Steven Lee led talks with developer communities in Berkeley, California and in Atlanta, Georgia. The city of Atlanta, Georgia was recently the victim of a massive ransomware attack that paralyzed its computer-related infrastructure for days. How blockchain technology can mitigate these risks in the future remains to be seen, but it’s fair to say that both community leaders and businesses are seeking new ways to strengthen their networks from rogue elements on the world wide web.

So how does BUMO solve the fundamental issues in blockchain development? BUMO proposes a three-tiered, basic public blockchain development framework:

(1) A blockchain-based ubiquitous trust network. Its framework comprises of blockchain technology developed with multiple features such as an innovative consensus mechanism, multi-chain structure of the main chain-subchain, main chain-backlink structure of the main chain, and developer-friendly smart contracts.

(2) A credible value circulation system. BUMO’s blockchain leverages multiple tools for establishing digital identity for pass-through agreement, pass value transfer, decentralized transactions, and Dapp built-in exchange, to promote the maturation of its value distribution system.

(3) An applied ecology shared by the general public. Dapp for the blockchain can be likened to apps for your mobile phone. Dapp not only provides users with the most intuitive understanding of the blockchain but also the value support of the entire blockchain network.

To this end, BUMO hopes to attract more developers to is developer-friendly ecosystem by providing API interfaces and commonly used functions involving assets, transactions, and wallets. BUMO allows developers to utilize DAPP on their network to build a blockchain network based on BUMO’s mature code base and technical support. The BUMO core system architecture and code, based on Bubi Blockchain technology, have been vetted for two years for security loopholes and operational failures. In addition, the Bubi blockchain has already provided business services for the banking, insurance, gaming, and tourism industries over the past few years.

The BUMO Phase 1 Public Chain Mainnet will be fully online towards the end of May. BUChain Phase 1 already boasts the support of a myriad of existing applications. From June to July, BUMO will cooperate with local blockchain communities to hold a developer contest based on the BUMO chain that will be released in following days. Further highlighting BUMO’s bold moves in the industry, BUMO plans to open four offices, with locations including Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Boston, and Delaware.

BUMO hopes that its innovation via an interconnection of pre-existing frameworks will assist in greatly promoting the development and adoption of blockchain technology, allowing digital assets to flow freely at a scale yet to be realized in the blockchain industry. To hammer this point home, Steven Lee emphasized “Let’s stop talking vision, and show me the code.”

About BUMO Blockchain

BUMO Blockchain has been widely used in digital assets, trade finance, equity & bonds, supply chain traceability, commercial credit, joint credit information, public notarization, electronic invoices, data security, etc. It is currently working with mainstream financial institutions including exchanges, banks, etc., to run trial tests on its applications. With decentralization as core, BUMO is committed to creating a new generation of value-based networks that allow digital assets to flow freely.

Learn More At:

Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum
SVIEF – BUMO Blockchain Community Summit

Ecomi - One Card to Rule Them All

The developed world has transitioned to a cashless society, favouring plastic over paper in all manners of convenience and security. However with todays rapid developments, traditional banking cards are limited in their capabilities and restricted by a plethora of rules and fees. With developments in cryptography and payment processing, there is only one card you’ll need to carry in the future. Introducing ECOMI One- your immutable storehouse for cryptocurrency, FIAT currencies (USD, GPB, AUD etc.), private keys and NFC enabled membership/loyalty cards.

What is ECOMI One?
ECOMI One is your credit card sized bank. Built on top of the impressive Secure Wallet technology, it offers:
-The same portability and flexibility of a traditional bank card.
-Immutable protection of private keys (for cryptocurrencies and DApps).
-The ability to store, and pay with, 20+ cryptocurrencies as well as traditional FIAT currency such as USD, AUD, and Euro.
-An in-built exchange.

How Does ECOMI One Work? 
ECOMI One will function the same as any credit or debit card at the point of sale. It does, however, bring banking capabilities into the modern era. By using the ECOMI Wallet app you are able to select the currency (or card) to pay with at the time of sale, or select a default currency for automatic payment (whether this is a cryptocurrency or FIAT.) The in-built exchange platform will handle the rest, so that the teller receives payment in the local currency.
Physically, ECOMI One uses near-field-communication (NFC) technologies to enable any form of contactless payment or interaction. This means you can store your existing bank cards, as well as gym memberships, loyalty cards, and access passes, all on the one device, and then use the mobile app to choose which ‘card’ you need at the time. It really is the only card you’ll ever need to carry into the future.

What Sets ECOMI One Apart?
Similar to the Secure Wallet, ECOMI One stores private keys for both cryptocurrency and DApps offline. As interaction with the ECOMI One card occurs through the ECOMI companion app, it is never directly connected to an online device. This not only makes it the most secure cold storage wallet available, but also renders it incredibly practical, providing the highest levels of security available in a device designed for everyday use.

The Inbuilt Exchange
One of the primary issues affecting mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is the inability to quickly and conveniently convert cryptocurrencies into FIAT money (i.e. USD, EUR, etc). Thus far, this has made it difficult for many individuals to actualise their cryptocurrencies in the ‘real world’. While some exchange platforms are available, most are lacking in security and can be challenging and complicated to use. ECOMI One will simplify this process by using a built-in, real-time exchange platform, allowing:
-The user to pay in the currency of their choice with no fear of their personal information or private keys being revealed.
-The option/flexibility to convert currencies at the time of your choosing, to maximise exchange rates, and store the new currency on ECOMI One.
-P2P exchange of digital assets
-Lower transaction costs
-Increased speed of payment
-Removal of international payment boundaries.

Security Design
Similar to the Secure Wallet, ECOMI One will feature an electronic display screen and a verification/confirmation button. Both of these features are designed to simplify the security of the device, and make it more user friendly. The screen can be used to confirm the currency being used to pay for every day items, whilst the red button is a physical confirmation to allow any transaction to leave the card. This means that no transaction can leave the ECOMI One without you- the user- physically confirming it. Say goodbye to card skimming and those clunky RFID wallets!

Interaction with the ECOMI Ecosystem
All ECOMI products and software solutions are designed to interact with each other, to lend strength and viability to the wider ECOMI Ecosystem. As such, the ECOMI One will not only be compatible with the mobile app, but also with a desktop app and browser extension. This means that the immutable security and protection offered by the ECOMI One card can be used in any and all payment situations (in person and online), keeping both your assets and your personal information as safe as possible.

Moreover, token holders will be incentivised to support the network by receiving access to products and services within the ECOMI ecosystem, by staking OMI Tokens, rather than spending tokens. These tokens can be stored on both the Secure Wallet and ECOMI One card, and grant the user access to ECOMI Collect and the DApp marketplace, use of ECOMI Vault, as well as 3rd party DApps which are built on the network.

Top 7 Movies of 2014

7. Prederstination
The life of a time-traveling Temporal Agent. On his final assignment, he must pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

6. The Imitation Game
During World War II, mathematician Alan Turing tries to crack the enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians.

I'm Back!

Guess who's back? I'm going to start posting again. Teutorix won't be anymore unfortunately. Stay tuned!

Made some shirts

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A victory for gamers

       Quite a while ago EA was voted on the consumerist by 250,000 people the worst company in America, defeating the likes of Bank of America and Walmart.
      They released a statement shortly afterwards criticizing the non-inclusion of other more unpopular companies like oil, tobacco and weapons companies in the voting pool in an effort to shove it all off but it didn't work out as articles about non-consumer friendly policies that EA was practicing started appearing all over the place, (including Forbes magazine).

      Apparently this sudden outburst in criticism led EA to more desperate damage control measures which leads me to what I wanted to share with you guys: an update to the Origin Account Policy.
      If you didn't know EA started its own gaming platform very similar to Steam but for EA titles named Origin. Just like steam one of the biggest issues involving Origin has been centered around the inaccessibility of entitlements, DLC and games when your account gets banned. Well, EA has addressed this issue and updated their policy statement regarding Origin accounts at their official website.
     I imagine this will continue to spread as a sign of good faith from Electronic Arts to remedy their negative reputation. Its definitely working, at least for me. My only complain with Steam is that for one mistake that gets you banned you lose ALL your games on that accout, I will surely buy my EA games from Origin from now on.
     I hope this represents the start of a change in EA and not just damage control for the consumerist awards. Who knows, we might even see a good Command and Conquer in the future.


Top 10 Movies of 2011

10. The Artist
Hollywood, 1927: As silent movie star George Valentin wonders if the arrival of talking pictures will cause him to fade into oblivion, he sparks with Peppy Miller, a young dancer set for a big break.