A victory for gamers

       Quite a while ago EA was voted on the consumerist by 250,000 people the worst company in America, defeating the likes of Bank of America and Walmart.
      They released a statement shortly afterwards criticizing the non-inclusion of other more unpopular companies like oil, tobacco and weapons companies in the voting pool in an effort to shove it all off but it didn't work out as articles about non-consumer friendly policies that EA was practicing started appearing all over the place, (including Forbes magazine).

      Apparently this sudden outburst in criticism led EA to more desperate damage control measures which leads me to what I wanted to share with you guys: an update to the Origin Account Policy.
      If you didn't know EA started its own gaming platform very similar to Steam but for EA titles named Origin. Just like steam one of the biggest issues involving Origin has been centered around the inaccessibility of entitlements, DLC and games when your account gets banned. Well, EA has addressed this issue and updated their policy statement regarding Origin accounts at their official website.
     I imagine this will continue to spread as a sign of good faith from Electronic Arts to remedy their negative reputation. Its definitely working, at least for me. My only complain with Steam is that for one mistake that gets you banned you lose ALL your games on that accout, I will surely buy my EA games from Origin from now on.
     I hope this represents the start of a change in EA and not just damage control for the consumerist awards. Who knows, we might even see a good Command and Conquer in the future.