Breach Review

Breach is a first-person shooter multiplayer video game developed by Atomic Games. It was released on January 26, 2011 for the PC and Xbox. It can be described best as Counter-Strike with a limited destructible enviornment and a useless cover-system.
During release the game featured 5 maps with a fairly large size and four game modes: Infiltration, Convoy, Retrieval and Team Deathmatch. The game can support games of a maximum 16 people which is pretty lame if you ask me and Breach also has an XP system that allows players to purchase gadgets, such as bionic ears and remote motion sensors.
If you ask me, this is the poor man's Bad Company 2 as it only costs 15$ or around 800 microsoft points. The price is the only strong point of the game as for this low price you get a full game to play online with your friends and a solid but easily forgetable and generic shooter.  The community is also friendly and seemingly devoid of hackers and cheaters.
The developers promised to heavily support it after release. A free map-pack consisting of 3 new maps has already been anounced. Let's remember that not even Starcraft could have gotten as far as it did without developer support with the release of countless patches.
The game doesn't really shine when you think that it's made in 2011, by the time games like Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops are dominating the market. It's solid and it could get really far so my final say is that if you have some extra cash to spend, thought Counter Strike: Source really didn't do it for you but you are still waiting for that sequel to Counter Strike this could be a good investment.
As in any shooter there are countless of hours to loose here and helping developers like these would really make the gaming world, a better world.

As usual reviewers from Youtube did all sorts of videos regarding it:
First the Pixel Enemy Review.

MAG Review

MAG, which stands for "Massive Action Game" (very imaginative huh?) is a multiplayer-only first-person shooter video game developed by Zipper Interactive for the Sony PlayStation 3. The game was released in january 2011.
This game is based on an innovative new server architecture that supports up to 256 player ON ONE MAP. To avoid turning the game into a clusterf*ck the developers also split the players into teams of 8 with 4 teams making a platoon and 4 platoons a company. Players are given many options of customization, from the ability to customize the face, voice, and armor of their characters and what weapons and kit they carry into battle to what skills they have by putting skill points into skill trees like Assault, Marksman, Close Quarters, Special Ops, Engineering, Athleticism, Vehicles, and Resistances, which then branches off into its own skill tree.
There is not much more to say about the game, it was built for the massive battles it can support but the thing is that there are not as many people actually playing it. Rarely you see a full server but luckly the maps are not that huge to make a game with full players boring.
Yes, it is pretty generic but it's server  architecture is a step forward in technology and above all it is A FUN GAME and it can provide hours upon hours of satisfaction. The game does it's job well, the framerates are perfect and finding a server with dozens of players takes seconds. Playstation 3 gamers will also appreciate this game if they ever want to make a break from CoD or Battlefield.

Here are some videos to help you decide if you want to give this game a try or not.

IGN Review.

Classic Game Room Review.

If Black Ops was realistic

I'm seriously mad at my friends for not telling about this earlier. Seems like there is machinima of Black Ops worth seeing. I really hate the How to Annoy people in Cod kind of machinima where people are talking like 13 year olds because they they it's funny.
It's actually a series called If it were realistic and there are a whole bunch of episoades out there, these what I will show you are the top 3 funniest.
These are really funny and have an epicness in them like no other.

First the main protagonists are storming a base of enemies to disarm a bomb. The problem is that they have no idea how.... so they check Youtube. The ending is the most hilarious thing I've seen on the internet in months.

Karnage 2 by iiDiiOZ

Karnage 2 by iiDiiOZ, is a World at War montage with epic kill sequences and top-notch editing. I have not featured many WaW montages because they aren't many and most of them aren't that good but trust me, this one is.

BFBC2 Vietnam Montage - Welcome to Vietnam by masdeath

monLet's continue our montage trip down the best FPS' ever made with this new montage by masdeath.
Pixel Enemy Producer Masdeath has entered EA and DICE's latest Battlefield Video Competition. The winner will be chosen by you! Vote for Mas! I really believe that this montage should win as it has the most epic Vietnam era music ever AND sweet quality. Voting for him only takes a second so if you appreciate just follow the link below.

Here is the montage, it's the best BFBD2 montage I have ever seen, ever. Thats all I can say.

Something special for Sunday

Gentlemen, this is one of the best Call of Duty montages I've seen since.... EVER!
There are just no words describing how awesome this montage is, there is nothing more pleasing than seeing an entire team ripped appart by the skill of a one-man army and this montage made me orgasm when I first saw it.
Enjoy, it's a must see for every CoD player.
This is a community montage, that means these are clips from all sorts of players from the community, showing that COD 4 is not only far from dead, but booming.

Counter Strike: Source stuff

As you might know my vacation is over and it's back to studying for me. I'm sorry I can't check all your updates but I'm really busy and in the weekend I will drop by all your blogs.Don't be scared if I don't post every single day as I'm far from running out of ideas.

Today I would like to show you guys so CSS  machinima, please know that the game is far from dead and it's community offers some of these awesome videos from time to time.

Terminator: Source (Source-Engine Machinima)
This is a machinima where we are put in the boots of both a terminator and a human in their final showdown.

Counter-Strike: Source: Killing with a Smile (CS:S Montage)
Montage, lots of insane kills, true skill that is way beyond Call of Duty.

I made a review to CSS a while ago where I also put some awesome montages, click here to check it out.

Crysis 2 Demo Commentaries: Round 2

You can see Round 1 of Crysis 2 Demo Commentaries here.

As the final days of the exclusive Crysis 2 Beta approach, there are more and more youtube commentators giving their take on the game. Reviews are favorable, everyone saying that there are some annoying bugs  but thats the purpose of this beta/demo anyway. The grahpics and the controls are praised also there is absolutely no problem with the balancing of the suit powers. See more in these videos.


Fudman(from PixelEnemy)

ONLYUSEmeBLADE(malee only)

Top 4 Funny Super Bowl Commercials

Last night you probably watched the Super Bowl XLV. The Green Bay Packers won but I don't care because I'm not American. What I did saw was the commercials. Here are the funniest ones:

4. Brisk: “Eminem: That’s Why I Don’t Do Commercials”

The Green Hornet Thoughts

After hours of studying I'm as happy to make this post as one would expect but I really want to talk today about this movie...
To take a break with from my studies I went to see the movie "The Green Hornet" with Lex and we had quite an experience. I don't know how many of you have seen the movie because I heard it was received poorly at the Box Office.

The movie was overall good, the comedic moments were truly genious, for me that really set it apart. The humor here is somewhat subtle and even though the characters are living in a serious world the never take themselves too seriously. The acting was good and the fighting scenes were..... delicious.

The plot is about this loser whose dad is a billionaire who owns a very powerful newspaper. When his father dies and he becomes the owner of the newspaper he uncovers all sorts of political blackmail and crime. He uses then his fathers wealth and the expertise on technology and martial arts of this chinese guy, whose only single reason why he knows how to syntethise a sleeping gas, create a car that has 2 miniguns, a rocket launcher, a heavy machine gun in the back, ejector seats etc is because he is chinese. That is the only reason. Yeah.

Don't want to say more except that Cameron Diaz was quite underused but that may be because they tried to stick to the comics. Also the main comedic idea is that the protagonist is this spoiled very rich loser, because of his fail however, a dude ACTUALLY DIES. Don't want to give spoilers though.

This movie is perfect if you want to pass some quality time, you won't remember it after one month but you will really laugh at some of the moments.

P.S. Christoph Waltz is here, playing one of the most goofiest yet bad-ass villans ever.

League of Legends: Review, Thoughts and LFG

While sh*t hits the fan in Egypt (topic I would talk about later) I started playing League of Legends, an interesting game inspired by the Defense of the Ancients. Developed and published by Riot Games, company made from the guys that created DotA Allstars, League of Legends or LoL(they should have thought more on the title) stands out amongst the DotA "clones" with high production values, friendly community (unlike Hon), huge player pool and the support the company gives it with almost weekly release of new content including skins, new champions(about 70 as of now), bug fixes etc.
What's new?
-First of all, more maps. Not only you have the 3 lane with 10 players map, exactly like in DotA, you have an additional 2 lane with 6 players map. which is way smaller, meaning that games are shorter.
-The ability to reconnect to an unfinished game, quite useful if the power goes out.
-Players not only do not lose money when they die, but gold in the game increases with 1 per second or so, making the game quite noob-friendly. Naturally this feature wasn't very well received by the players but it is unlikely to be changed as the developers fixed this "inflation" with very high gold requirements on late-game items.
-a game within a game
You take the role of a summoner, a concept with no use in-game but used to track statistics and scores for each player. After each match, the player gains experience and influence points. Upon leveling the summoner is awarded a mastery point which pretty much works as a talent point in WoW. Spend it into one of 3 specs to enhance a stat or gain a new ability. Influence points are used to buy the champions themselves so you can use them whenever you want instead of chosing 1 of the 7 random characters always available.
-incredible dept with intelligently created champions each with multiple playstyles and tactics.

There is much more to say about the game but the only thing I can say more is go play it IT'S FREE

My thoughts
 League of Legends proved to me that it's not just a DotA "clone", it offers something new and it's a full game itself, not just a map.
The reasons why I like to go into it is because not only it's free it's also competitive. There are tons of tournament with huge prizes. The winner of season one won 100,000$!!!!!! That's huge man.
The problem is that I need to max out my summoner's level which could take a while but also I really need a team. Everytime I join a game, I get put into a team of total strangers where there always is the cool guy that knows how to play but ragequits after 10 minutes, the fag that dies before the minions are spawned, or the feeders.
If anyone is interested in the game and want to start a team with me, you can add me as a friend after you've made an account and installed the game. My name is Teutorixcr2, if you don't know how to add me just post your accounts name in the comments and I will add you myself. The only requirements needed are a mic and Skype installed and some knowledge of how to play video games, of course.

Find everything you need to play the game on their site.