Quake is a first-person shooter video game that was released by id Software on June 22, 1996. Long story short a fully 3D game as early as the mid '90s was bound to succes. It featured advancements in 3D technology like the usage of polygonal models instead of prerendered sprites; full 3D level design instead of a 2.5D map; prerendered lightmaps; and allowing end users to partially program the game (in this case with QuakeC), which popularized fan-created modifications.
The game itself presented in the singleplayer a non-important storyline, and a level design that put the player to go from point A to point B while fighting all sorts of intelligently created monsters and bosses; and a multyplayer that was further upgraded by id Software with the release of QuakeWorld.
The Quake engine pretty much pioneered the gaming industry with an engine that was new, innovative and mod-friendly. Because of the mod friendly-characteristics it, as we've seen in previous examples, it developed a community. As an example of the dedication that Quake has inspired in its fan community, a group of expert players recorded speedrun demos (replayable recordings of the player's movement) of Quake levels completed in record time on the "Nightmare" skill level. The footage was edited into a continuous 19 minutes, 49 seconds demo called Quake done Quick (QdQ) and released on 10 June 1997. Owners of the game could replay this demo in the game engine, watching the run unfold as if they were playing it themselves.
Speedrunning is a counterpart to multiplayer modes in making Quake one of the first games promoted as a virtual "sport". There is a database of all speedrunning videos on http://speeddemosarchive.com/. You can also find there extra maps an stuff.
The power of the Quake Engine was recognized right away by the game designers, fact that spawned a pretty large list of games that were made using it. Among that list you can find games like RTC Wolfenstein, SWJK2: Jedi Outcast, Heavy Metal FAKK, Heretic, Hexen, Medal of honor Allied and Pacific assault and many more.

Speedrun record


Speedruning can be "spiced" by adding rules like killing every enemy in the game with and axe, in which case time doesn't even actually matter anymore.

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  1. I played this games years ago. Good game

  2. i dont like those shooting games

  3. absolute classic game and a must be for every lan party

  4. old school, still nice to play :) I started with Wolfenstein, the very first 1st person shooter, I remember it gave my chills at that time.

  5. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one