General Update

Hey blogosphere, Teutorix here for some updates on the blog.
As promised there are several new changes to my blog this winter vacation.

-First of all we got LeX in our author team, I hope you all gave him a very heartly welcome.

-Second of all I am now a proud Amazon affiliate. That means that I will feature the best deals from on the blog. That means that you will now be aware of the latest discounts, offers and sales from Amazon (America's largest online retailer). For how to buy an used copy of Starcraft 2 with only 39.99$ look below.

-Third of all we got the blogs to follow gadget in the sidebar which will feature your blogs. I will introduce different ways to get your blog featured there like a comment question of the day...
The first blog to be featured there is D20+1: Life of a gamer as I really like that blog and SpringyB, it's owner, who posted the 400th comment on my blog.

More changes coming soon including new theme.


  1. The Amazon program is pretty neat, hopefully it helps you out!

  2. Amazon is a great website to get good deals! Thanks for sharing this on your blog :D

  3. Welcome LeX! I'm looking forward to seeing what you write about.

    Happy Holidays to you both, and thanks for the shout out :D

  4. how did you get it to show SC2? mine was only showing gardening supplies :/

  5. welcome LeX! looking forward to your post!