Top 20 PC Video Games of 2010 Part I

20. The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom
A few flaws hold it back, but the latest Settlers game is the series' most charming to date.

19. Super Meat Boy
This sublime platformer provides tons of challenge, precise controls, and incredible level design that will keep you glued to the screen.

18. Sid Meier's Civilization V
Excellent tactical battles and a slick interface make the latest Civilization another wonderful addition to a classic franchise.

17. Lost Planet 2
It may not live up to its massive potential, but Lost Planet 2 on the PC is a step in the right direction.

16. Mount & Blade: Warband
Exciting multiplayer battles make Mount & Blade: Warband a strong addition to the open-world role-playing genre.

15. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit lets players race each other with high speed driving action.

14. Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor offers a cohesive campaign and fierce multiplayer competition for those who don't mind a little bit of tarnish on their first-person shooters.

13. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
The prince's high-flying adventure is marred by camera issues and weak combat, but the excellent platforming is still loads of fun.

12. Napoleon: Total War
This Napoleonic strategy game isn't as revolutionary as its namesake, but it still improves upon previous Total War offerings.

11. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 brings online Master League play to the series, as well as a host of other gameplay improvements.

10. FIFA 11
EA returns to the field with another installment in its long-running soccer series.


  1. hmmm i see no major time waster jrpg or mmorpg here, carry on.

  2. With the exception of Civ, I have never even heard of these. Me likey! Gives me things to try!

  3. dang, Napoleon looks like a pedo in that cover/pic

  4. i liked the new take on Prince of Persia... i know a lot of people hated it...

  5. Nice line-up, waiting or the rest

  6. I'm looking forward to great games in 2011 too. I hope the new Jurassic Park game and Syberia III will be awesome!

  7. civilization is the only one i've looked into, i'm not much of a PC gamer. good list though

  8. Civilizations is awesome. I got it a couple months ago.