Yesterday was not a good day, Ice-Cube

Yesterday sucked on so many levels.
Firstly my girlfriend went psycho on this super childish thing. I won't go into the reasons but she is like exagerating so much for something she should be even mad about to begin with. Probably she is mad because she got a low score on her math test but venting that on me is lame. She said a couple of times that when she gets mad, she really gets mad but wow.... just wow.... She wont even answer the phone.
I was so happy to find a girl with boobs and brains now I got to worry about the temper. GREAT.
Secondly a thing that pissed me off was the fact that I was half an inch away to be run over by a speeding car. I was thinking about my "girlfriend" and walked on the red light(there was no car in sight I made sure of that though). From the sudden I hear a horn and immediately I had a car 10 feet from me. As soon as the motherfucker saw me on the red light he pushed that throttle like there was no tomorrow. What would he had gained for hitting me? Extra fucking points?

When I got home after a bit of searching on the internet I found this and thought I would share.

"It’s time to address the elephant in the room. It’s time to dispel this little bullshit fantasy world you live in: it’s time to take out the “nice guy” argument once and for all. The truth is, all but a select few of you date not just assholes, but worthless, hopeless, arrogant men. You will call their childish anger “passion,” their selfishness and petty jealousy “caring,” their sole interest of sex in you “chemistry,” and most importantly, you will call their unfounded, egomaniacal narcissism “confidence.” Unfortunately, a huge percentage of you may even be too stupid to actually know the difference.
I may come off as bitter, but I ain’t even mad. Sometimes the truth isn’t pleasant, but I have a low tolerance for cliché bullshit. Labeling any guy who doesn’t fit the category above as a “nice guy” is just one more lame attempt to do what all females strive to do – give self-validation instead of taking responsibility. Way to pass the buck for your terrible mate selection onto the most undeserving of the opposite genders. YOU are the ones who have all of the power of sexual selection, YOU are the ones who search out these worthless males, then have the gall to call them “alpha males,” YOU are the ones who ignore all the warning signs, and YOU are the ones who invest deep emotions into this pointless charade. At least when a man is dating a stupid bitch with big tits, he has the gall to not lie to himself and pretend she’s worth more than her pussy.
As opposed to every nice guy who has put you on a pedestal for your BEST traits, it is YOU who have put the worst of our gender on a false pedestal for their BAD traits. Your entire gender is worse than the ones you try to pass the blame to."

It contains bullshit, I'm not saying it doesn't but I related so much with it when I found it that a tear came out of my eye. It's just something I thought I  would share with you guys and my girlfriend if she had known english.

Tomorrow Bad Company Montages, I promise.


  1. You're girlfriend is not perfect, neither are you, accept and love her as she is and you'll be happy.

    Or move on :)

  2. I agree. One must be tolerant, accept her as she is all of her good, and all the bad things as well. If you find yourself wanting more out of a relationship than she does in any sense, that is toxic for the whole thing, and both may be better off on their own.

  3. Always, no,
    ALWAYS give them their space when they are on that raggy time.
    You know what i'm talking about!

  4. She will get over it, just give her some time and she's most likely going to come back to you later on appologizing for the way she acted.

  5. Maybe if you help her prep for her next Math test.

  6. People tend to transform into assholes when behind the wheel.

  7. I hope the next couple of days will be good then!

  8. Just say this: "You're right, you're always right, I'm sorry" ,
    girls are suckers when you tell them they're right and apologize ( even if shes wrong, many times they bullshit)

  9. Great Background!! JK. Just let her vent, walk away and watch sports on TV, eventually she'll wonder why you aren't pining for her and come back full of apologies and lovey dovey.

  10. i dont even try to understand women.. good luck with yours.

  11. its always the temper...
    like the guy above me said... dont even try to understand why their mad.

    i feel ya, my girls the same sometimes (like once a month during "that time" xD)