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Sadly at this point in time , WoW on live is pretty much dead , main reasons being the fast approaching end of season 8 and the release of Cataclysm . Personally I pretty much quit live when the last patch landed mostly because it became boring and i was looking forward to Cata.
The boredom will eventually end and we've got quite a busy month in terms of events coming up.
So heres a little list of dates you should know:

October 11th:

Live patch of 4.0.1! As the Cataclysm draws ever closer, patch 4.0.1 will pave the way for the transition into the latest expansion. Players will gain access to a host of new systems features.
Classes: revamped talent trees, updated hunter pet system, new druid, hunter, paladin, and warlock resources, new Mastery stat
User Interface: improved Spellbook, new Guild display options, updated PvP interface, expanded and enhanced Professions tab
Systems: glyph updates including all-new Prime glyphs, new Reforging ability to customize item stats, new PvP and PvE currency system
And much more!

October 15-17:

MLG DC: MLG DC will be featuring the first MLG with the new Cataclysm 4.0 changes. We are awaiting the info on damage reductions or last minute resilience changes. It is very likely developers will double resilience effects to nuke the insane amount of damage (6-16k with 30-45k health pools) being done at level 80. This resilience change will most likely be temporary. Once most players have reached level 85, I am sure MLG will move to level 85 as well- making this tournament a very rare occasion. The opportunity to overcome level 80 damage with level 85 theory and win an entire friggin tourney when no one expects to to is very high! I wouldn’t be surprised if a complete underdog won the tournament, with simply the knowledge of 4.0 by his side.

October 22-23:

Blizzcon: All the World of Warcraft Regional Finalists will battle it out for World Champion Title. Will take out marma with their superior wizarding skills? Will EU blow us away with their LSDs? Will there be an abundance of slinky night elves running around covered in purple makeup? Oh yeah. 

Unannounced: “Patch 4.0.3: The Shattering

Shortly before Cataclysm launches, Azeroth as you know it will be changed forever. Patch 4.0.3 will bring with it cataclysmic changes to the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Players will be able to find new and exciting sights to see and quests to do in the level 1-60 zones, all-new troll and gnome introductory experiences, redesigned capital cities, new race/class combinations, and more!”
I think this patch will come the tuesday after blizzcon, or the week before the Cataclysm release.

December 7: 

Cataclysm Launch!



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