Minecraft and L4D comic

In case you we're asking like I did, WTF is Minecraft let me enlighten you.
Minecraft is a game so new, it hasn't even a beta, it's still in alpha stage.
The storyline is everything I ever wanted, ever.
What is the storyline? It's simple you are alone on an island, and during the day you must create a shelter, play with an abundance of different resources on the island. During the night however things get tricky. You must survive a plethora of enemies that spawn in the darkness.
Despite it's graphics, the game has a lot of depth, and i mean a lot.
This is the video that put Minecraft on my wish-list and it explains the dept of the game perfectly.

NOTE: the game now is about 21$ it's alpha but if you buy it now any updates, the beta and the final version will come free, if you wait for the beta, it will have a higher price and the final release will probably have a 60$ price tag so hurry up.

In Left 4 Dead news.

Tought L4D never had a storyline? Only a succesion of stories where the characters have to travel from point A to point B, check again, the comic puts everything into context and sheds light on the background of each character. It has 4 parts, please enjoy and share your opinions in the comments below.


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