Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor has been out for a couple a days now, to be more specific on October 14th for us Europe gamers. I realise I waited to long to post something
about it but i wanted to try it first. The truth is I didn't but lots of Youtube people
did commentaries, reviews and shared opinions about the game. As much as I could
gather the singleplayer is very realistic and is made as a tribute to the U.S. soldiers
fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq which is good, in my book. The singleplayer is linear
and does not bring anything radicaly new to the FPS genre but it keep you on your
toes and excited for the whole duration.
You also have a Spec-Ops like arcade mode where you do the story levels on a
much higher difficulty for a higher score.
The multyplayer seems fun and very COD4 like(as far as I seen, it reminds me to
much of COD4 than i would like). There is much to say about the multyplayer and
without further ado, let's actually see some videos shall we?

Then we have VitalSyntax:

Then we have Tejb:

Last but not least Onlyusemeblade:


  1. i remember i used to play medal of honor stuff all the time

  2. I'm more of a Cod guy, but this looks pretty good. If only I wasn't so poor.

  3. nice collection of vids but i don't think i'll be picking the game up, it looks pretty boring. played hundreds of hours of cod4 til i got bored of it, not worth paying for another similar shooter :p

  4. medal of honor does look like a lot of fun and i swear no loyalty to any franchise just as long as the game is good, maybe ill get it for broke

  5. I think it looks alright, though i'm waiting for Black Ops myself - purely for the zombies.

  6. Woah! Good thing my roommate got super-badass PC so we can play games like this!

  7. Woah this game looks soooo cool!

  8. medal of honor is an alright game, I prefer halo still. Ha, I remeber playing old medal of honors on the playstation, then ps2 killed em off. They've been on the come back in my mind for as long as I can remember. Hopefully with this iteration they'll get back in the game.