Counter Strike Monday

       As Black Ops will soon come out on 11.09.2010, I would want to post a series about different FPS' that defined the genre and had a major impact on the gaming culture.
First of all let's start with Counter Strike, 1.6 to be more specific.

      Counter Strike was a great innovation for gaming as it brought a new concept: behind every enemy that you killed there was a real person. I am not saying multyplayer has not been around before, but Valve bought stabilty to online gaming with a game that required skill in order to play in a form that allows you to team up with people all over the world instead of just inviting friends to your house and play with them on your couch.
      For gamers all around Counter Strike was love at first sight (except Korea, they had Starcraft). The game is still being played all around the world.
      The reason why Counter Strike has this longevity because the game was designed in such a fashion that players could be free in modding it.
      This being said, players used the game's engine to create thousand of maps, skins, game modes that combined with the simplicity of the game itself make this game, one with a large and active community that is still around today.
      The main goal of the game was it's realism. Guns had real life recoil, the sound was excelent and you could always rely on it, the not yet encountered before ability to carry only 2 weapons and many more.

In the traditional PixelShredder way we will also present a series of videos.

A CS: 1.6 Machinima

A CS. 1.6 Montage

Note: that montage is quite frankly better than 90% of COD4 montages out there, just sayin'.

Tomorrow we will review the follow up, Counter Strike Source, then Team Fortress, COD 4 and many more.


  1. Love counter strike, though I can't handle the speed of some people's aiming.
    Good idea with the topic though.

  2. I want to make my own montages but I don't like shooters on PC, might buy me a HD capturing card for my PS3 =D
    Nice post, bro!

  3. It was pretty inovative what they did.

  4. I came back to see these vids again