First week of Black Ops

Black Ops has been out for quite a while now. It may not have sold as much am MW2 but it is defenetly BETTER that it. It got generally pozitive reviews and unlike it's predecesor, predicaments say that it will not suck in a couple of months because of the community finding broken stuff in the game and abusing it.
It features a 6 hour singleplayer which is perfect for a COD game. The campaign is considered by many the best CoD campaign, it's action packed and it never slows down.
The multyplayer brings a highly, much highly than before, customizable class system. You change the camo on your face to the color of the red dot on your red dot sight or the color of the scope on the red dot sight. Noobtubing is totally nerfed, martyrdom is no more.
You may also know or wish to know that they nerfed quickscoping. Now snipers shoot straight only after 2 seconds of scopping. The commnunity also adapted in a way i can't explain but can show you guys in one of the video below.
The only thing more I can say about it is that YOU SHOULD GO AND TRY IT. Treyarch made up for CoD 3 and CoD:WaW with this don't be judgemental. The developers here really took their time in balancing everything to create a not totally broken game and learned from both their and Infinity's mistakes.
I just bought a gaming mouse (A4Tech X7) and I will buy Starcraft 2 and CoD:Black Ops in December, I hope I'll see you guys in the battlefields.

Video Time
Hutch's opinion about the game.

Quick-scoping and noscoping.(also cool music)

Insane ammount of epic kills in 5 seconds type of video:

There are lots of crap out there but this are the must see.