Last Black Ops post for the week

There is not much that happened since yesterday except some interesting videos and a couple of updates from me.
First of all i urge you again to read the Introductory post, if i forget to resise a video please remind me to do it in the comment section, thats why it's there.
I won't like to make this blog a CoD blog so this is the last Black Ops post of the week, i'll concentrate on some other cool projects i'm sure you will like. Also I'll be talking about WoW, Halo Reach and movies some more because I know some of you are interested.
As I said in the previous video, i just got a new gaming mouse and I plan you use it.
I just got Counter Strike 1.6 to play a little but more about that in a future post.

Videos of the day:

Some smooth gamplay and cool commentary by BlameTruth

Hazard Cinema Top 10 Black Ops Plays :: Week 1 presented by OnlyUsemeBlade



  1. ah it looks so good... im such an oldhead with CSsource though.

  2. I'm about to go play Black Ops right now

  3. In my opinion black OPs is overrated ;o the singleplayer is awesome..but multiplayer is boring

  4. Nice videos, think I'll pass on the game, but it definitely looks good

  5. Great post bra, and great blog.
    Thanx for theese updateZ :D

  6. I am actually looking forward to playing this after Thanksgiving break... Just too much work to do at the moment.

  7. Virtue preserved from fell destructions blast, Following!

  8. is there a demo for this game in the playstation store?