Happy New Year

,So 2010 is finally over, I wish you all a very happy new year and my best wishes for 2011.
I don't know about you guys but I personally had a pretty crazy night and right now I am really in dire need of some sleep.
I hope you enjoyed our list of best movies/video games of 2010, it was a great year and I hope you are ready for another year with us.
To start of this year with something refreshing and relaxing here are some Minecraft commentaries. These things always chill me out.

Commentary by SSundee(the intro is as epic as it gets)

Here is SeaNanners' journey to the Nether. It's episoade 17 of his Welcome to Minecraft series. This series is very long but it's Minecraft at it's best so if you have spare time, it could keep you really entertained.

And here we have a tutorial about how to make a "water elevator". Provides more insight on the games physics for who is interested.

I also posted something a while back about minecraft which included tutorial videos and stuff for newcomers, the post is here.

Also this is my 55th post.
Check em


  1. minecraft stays on top of my list.

  2. Gentle start to the year - killing cows & zombies.

  3. Ah minecraft. It eats up so much time.
    Nice dubs.

  4. happy new year man! congrats on your 55th

  5. Very educational....if I played minecraft =P

  6. minecraft is ok, but its boring after while for me

  7. I watched a friend play minecraft for a bit, it looked fun but I didn't understand the big fuss about it.

  8. I saw minecraft at my friend's house and it looks pretty good. Happy New year :D and grats on your 55th post :D